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Tropiscapes is specialized in landscape wall retention in Stuart & Martin County. We provide exceptional design, construction, repair and installation services for commercial as well as residential properties with over 15 years of core experience. We recommend that our customers retain walls because of their many advantages. They add more esthetic beauty while enhancing the stability of the soil and preventing erosion. Also, as sitting areas, benches, walkways and gathering areas, they can easily double.

Many customers of Martin County live with sloped lots on or near the water. It can strengthen and stabilize the soil on sloped lots by having a retaining wall. If you’re looking for sustainable landscape solutions, it can be a wise investment to retain walls.


We understand that each client has its own distinct landscape requirements. In order to fit your property architecture, we can provide retaining walls in a variety of sizes, colors, materials and types. Our licensed and insured staff will ensure that all factors are taken into account to ensure that your wall is built to fit your property and is durable. We can also provide water characteristics, pavers for walkways and hardscapes to add value to the existing landscape.

We believe in providing sustainable solutions of high quality. We have partnered with the finest suppliers on the local market to supply the bricks, concrete and other building materials. We keep customers in loop to get their feedback and deliver the retaining walls that meet their expectations. You can entrust our qualified and licensed staff to provide full assistance in delivering precise specifications for retaining walls.

Without sacrificing the quality, we build the walls quickly. Then Tropiscapes Landscaping is the best bet to design and build a retaining wall in Stuart, FL and other surrounding regions if you need effective and efficient services.

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