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Revamp Your Landscaping With Brick Designs

Revamp Your Landscaping With Brick Designs

Your outside space is your home oasis, or at least it can be with a little bit of effort. If yours is looking sad and tired, maybe it’s time for a refresh. Landscaping efforts go a long way and these unique landscaping with brick designs might be just what the landscape architect ordered. Graph landscaping with brick design. 

Know the common types of bricks used in landscaping with brick designs

Landscaping professionals often use one of two types of bricks for outdoor projects depending on their plan for the end result. Common brick is the brick you probably think of when you consider the word—standard red in color with two holes and that are fixed together with mortar between. Face brick is another type of this material that’s used in projects that include the exposed surface of the brick as part of the overall design aesthetic.   

Create a plan for landscaping with brick designs

The sky’s the limit for creating comfortable spaces with brick. The first step is to make a plan for the space so that you know exactly what materials you need on hand. You’ll also need to source the materials that you use for your project. Call around to different landscaping material companies in your area to check pricing on materials. 

Types of space that you can create

Maybe your outdoor space is calling for converting a square of grass into an outdoor living room with a brick-laid floor and convertible conversation furniture. You can surround the space with large potted plants to create the feeling of a private oasis. You could also create planters with brick too creating dedicated spaces where you can plant perennials that come back year after year, or seasonal annuals.  

Maintaining brick spaces for the long haul

One of the great features of brick is just how low maintenance of a material it is. When laying brick, you should be sure to lay landscaping paper underneath it to cut down on weeds growing through the stones. Rinsing off the brick space every now and then should keep it free from debris and looking great for years to come. 

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