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Ideas For Landscape Lighting

Ideas For Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting projects are popular with homeowners. They’re easy enough to DIY, depending on scale, of course. But you can always lean on a professional landscape lighting Vero Beach crew to make the magic happen for you. If you’ve been considering adding a little flair to your outdoor spaces, consider these trendy ideas for landscape lighting

Opt for solar

The beautiful thing about solar landscape lighting Vero Beach is that you can literally set it and forget it. These light fixtures are attached to solar arrays that store energy from sunlight that in turn powers the light well after the sun goes down. You might be concerned about eventual cloudy days, but there is no reason to sound the alarm since most arrays store a few days, at least, worth of power for the lights. Solar lights can be programmed to switch on when the sun sets providing a lovely ambient lighting solution for your outdoor space.  

Consider a little color

White lights own the market share of outdoor landscape lighting products. But, manufacturers continue to introduce bold new color possibilities for outdoor spaces. You can even add colored filters over already installed white lights to change things up a bit. Consider adding a pop of color in a portion of your outdoor space that you’d like to accentuate. A little color goes a long way.   

Tiny lights are the go-to

These tiny lights go by many names: fairy lights, twinkle lights, and even seed lights. But their impact on outdoor ambiance is constant. You can use these lights practically anywhere, too, and many brands offer solar-powered strings negating the need to position them near an electrical outlet. Homeowners can use them sparingly or add many strings together to form a spectacle of tiny rays of illumination.   

Consider adding smart technology

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone that plays a critical role in their daily lives. Technology in landscape lighting has made it possible that controlling your exterior lighting is now as easy as toggling a button on your phone. You can even install smart irrigation systems to accompany your lighting that will make sure your landscaping looks great year-round.

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