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Tools for Landscaping

Tools for Landscaping

Landscaping companies make caring for a well-manicured lawn look easy. And the service they provide benefits homeowners in increasing their home’s value by 5-12 percent. There is plenty of know how that goes into keeping landscaping looking great, and a few tools that help landscaping companies in their mission to make the most out of your lawn. 

Lawnmower types for landscaping 

Most landscaping companies show up with a couple of different types of lawnmowers. They’ll likely have a stand push mower for small swaths of grass, and a much larger zero-turn mower for larger yards. They will also have a weed eater to keep areas near walkways and flower beds nicely trimmed. Keeping the grass well-trimmed is an important task in ensuring your yard looks great year round.  

Spreaders and sprayers

Landscaping companies do a lot more than trim grass. At least twice a year your grass will need to be fertilized and applying it to large sections of your yard will require a spreader or a sprayer. Landscapers will also use sprayers if they find evidence of certain kinds of pests dining on your landscaping plants. The sprayer will be used to apply pesticide to a small area that will immediately impact the uninvited guests.

Blowers and trimmers 

After the growing season, and perhaps even after the mild winter season in Florida, a landscaping company will come in and give everything in your yard a good trim. They will trim away dead leaves and overgrowth to allow each plant to grow in a healthy way. This task requires an assortment of trimmers to get the job done, and then a handy blower to make cleaning up the mess easier.  

Digging tools 

A large part of a landscaping companies task is to add plants to your outdoor space that will make it look great, and occasionally remove plants that aren’t looking great anymore. These tasks require an assortment of digging tools to remove soil to make way for plants, or to remove old plants. Common types of digging tools that they might use include a spade, a shovel-square and pointed, picks, hoes, a spading fork, and plenty more.

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