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Florida Landscape Design Company Offers 4 Ways to Incorporate Bricks into your Landscaping

Florida Landscape Design Company Offers 4 Ways to Incorporate Bricks into your Landscaping

Human beings first made bricks in 3,500 BC with the intention of using them as building materials. Ruins crisscross the world with ancient brick structures that have stood strong throughout time. Bricks may look quite a bit different than the crude, utilitarian design once utilized in construction, but they remain extremely versatile. If you’re planning a landscaping makeover in the near future, check out these innovative ways to use brick suggested by the best Florida landscape design company.  

Use bricks for walkways 

Bricks are an inexpensive way to mark walkways through your front and back yard. An experienced Florida landscape design company can help you to envision a layout that makes practical use out of your entire outdoor space. You will have a wide variety of brick types, colors, and textures to choose from for a project like this.  

This Florida landscape design company suggests bricks as walls

Bricks are a great way to create retaining walls for function or design throughout your yard. If you need to shore up a part of your outdoor space with a retaining wall, a brick structure will be strong and last. You can also create small, decorative border walls around flower beds, walkways, patios and more.   

Fire pits –  a favorite of your neighborhood Florida landscape design company

Fire pits are an inexpensive project that can infuse tons of charm and coziness to your outdoor space. These structures are easy to build with minimal supplies beyond a few wheelbarrows full of bricks. There are countless brick fire pit designs online for inspiration. You can also turn to a professional landscape design company for a stylish outcome that is functional and versatile.  

Use bricks as a base for large flower pots

If your outdoor space includes large flower pots placed around the garden, consider adding bricks at their base for visual interest. You can create a base in a square or circular pattern a foot or more beyond the footprint of the flower pot. The base will also provide a solid, flat foundation for the pot making it less likely to tip over and break when inclimate weather passes through.

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