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Landscaping and Home Value

Landscaping and Home Value

Experts agree that professional landscaping and design can positively impact your home’s value by as much as 12 percent. That means on a $300,000 home, having a landscaping company in Stuart, Fla. come in to spruce the place up could add more than $30,000 in equity on your home value! If you’re looking for a home improvement project that will deliver a lot of bang for your buck, consider adding these landscaping options to your home.

The impact of trees in landscaping

Trees make a big impact on the world- both on a macro level and on the neighborhood level. Planting trees on your property have been shown to impact your home’s value by as much as 10 percent. A reputable landscaping company in Stuart, Fla. can help you choose trees that are suitable for the available space on your property and that grow well in your region.  

Planting pricklies near your home

If you have flower beds surrounding the perimeter of your home, especially near windows, you should consider adding plants with prickly stems and thorns in the area as a burglar deterrent. These plants don’t have to just be functional, there are many varieties that look great too. Not only will the landscaping boost your home value, but you might also realize a bit of savings on your next homeowner’s insurance bill.  

Include native plants

Native plants are those that are found growing naturally where you live. Adding landscaping that incorporates native plants is sure to keep your flower beds and residential property looking great for years to come as the plants grow and flourish. A large variety of plants flourish in the southern Florida sunshine, so a reputable landscaping company can help you choose a combination that will help skyrocket the value of your home.

Trust the pros when it comes to landscaping

Sure it might be tempting to start digging up your yard and flower beds yourself in effort to save a bit of money on incorporating landscaping in your yard. However, the final outcome will likely pale in comparison to having a professional crew come in to create a landscaping plan then execute that plan. With returns on your investment up to 12 percent, what do you really have to lose by letting the pros do the heavy lifting? 

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