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How you can make your outdoor space “light up” for the holidays

How you can make your outdoor space “light up” for the holidays

The first Christmas tree graced the halls of The White House in 1889. At the time, the presidential home had no electricity, so lighting the tree, or the exterior spaces, wasn’t possible until the house was wired five years later. President Grover Cleveland was the first to add Christmas lights to the tree and is credited with making the use of lights in indoor and outdoor spaces more commonplace decor for the holidays. Here are just a few ways that you can channel your inner Grover Cleveland and make your outdoor lighting in Stuart pop this year. 

Add lights along the roofline

Adding outdoor lighting in Stuart should definitely include the roofline of your home. You don’t have to take lights all the way to the peaks. Instead follow the gutters along the entire front of the house for a festive start to your outdoor look.  

Consider front yard decor

Front yard decor has become increasingly popular throughout the country and is a favorite for every kid riding around during the holiday looking at Christmas lights with their family. Outdoor lights have been possible for the holidays since 1880 when Thomas Edison introduced the concept of outdoor Christmas displays to the world. Enthusiasts have pushed the envelope ever since with elaborate displays that can surely be found in every town in the country. 

Battery-operated lights everywhere

Christmas lights became even more mobile when battery operated and solar lights were introduced to the market several years ago which meant strand of lights no longer had to be placed near outlets. This opens the possibility of adding lights to practically every square inch of your front yard if you choose. Battery operated and solar operated lights strands come in varying lengths and practically every color you could want for your outdoor space this season.  

Don’t forget the trees

Once you’re done trimming the roofline of your home, move on to the trees. You can use standard or battery operated lights to reach them all. Consider using individual colors on trees, perhaps in a repeating pattern. You can also use net lights to cover the tree in its entirety or string lights to accentuate the trunks only. 

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