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5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays

The yuletide season will soon be upon us and the time to decorate will arrive. Some people go all out when it comes to covering their home and property in the holiday spirit, others opt for a more subtle celebration of revelry. Here are just a few fun ways to decorate your landscaping in Stuart, Florida, and make your home look festive from the street. 

Decorate outdoor trees 

If your outdoor landscaping in Stuart, Florida includes trees, large or small, consider adding them to the mix of decorated items on your property. Consider stringing palms with lights, even if it’s just around the base until you get to the giant fronds on top. Add lights to shrubs and bushes for an overall festive addition to your landscaping.

Use big seasonal items

Children especially love to blow up holiday decorations. Consider adding a few in your yard that represents characters that your family loves. You might also opt for more subtle yard decor like lighted deer or even a wooden sleigh and reindeer pulling Santa himself across the yard.  

Make planter boxes

Planter boxes make a big impact on a holiday-themed entrance to your home. Head to your nearest craft store and collect branches with a holiday theme. Add greenery to the boxes, and disperse your festive branches throughout. With planter boxes, bigger is always better.  

Go big with lights

Lights are an easy, cost-effective, and bold way to decorate your outdoor space this year. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and you can purchase strands to fit any space. You can opt to cover almost every square inch of your outdoor space with holiday lights or opt to highlight a few key areas with a strand or two. There is a reason that children and adults alike spend hours each season driving around looking at lights and you should make your home part of that reason. 

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