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5 Trendy Landscape Designs to Consider

5 Trendy Landscape Designs to Consider

Do you have an outdoor space that’s begging for a little bit of love and rejuvenation? Outdoor projects don’t have to be daunting and can in fact be great adventures in homeownership. If you’re looking to complete some landscaping in Stuart, Fla. consider these six trendy designs for your space.

Outdoor living and dining

In climates that are warm and pleasant most of the year, extending the living space to the outdoors makes sense. Incorporating unique outdoor living spaces and dining options in your floorplan and footprint will increase the usable space in and around your home. Landscape designers have unique and creative ways to do this in any outdoor space no matter the size.

Natural habitats and pond pools

There is a current popular trend of giving your outdoor space back to nature, in a sense. Creating natural habitats in your outdoor space encourage natural flora and fauna to grow and live where they naturally flourish. The trend of pond pools means that you create a pool in your space with the look, feel and function of a pond where water-loving animals can also exist.

The small garden

If you love the taste and convenience of growing your own vegetables, consider adding a small garden to your outdoor space. There are many trendy designs for these small food sources from container gardening to tiered wall gardens. A knowledgeable landscaping company in Stuart, Fla. could help you envision all that your small garden space could be.

Creative enclosures

Good fences make good neighbors, as the old adage goes. There are other materials besides boards and bricks that you can utilize to create privacy and barriers between your neighbor’s outdoor space and yours. Consider tall hedges or cypress trees planted in a row close together to provide a more natural-looking and creative enclosure.

Stone or grass tiles

An interesting way to break up large swaths of grass or aggregate in your outdoor space is to incorporate a tile pattern. You can use cement tiles, marble tiles, terra cotta tiles, or practically any other material suitable for outdoor use. You can also plant squares of sod to create decorative tiles made of grass.

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