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Brighten Up Your Backyard With These Lighting Tricks

Brighten Up Your Backyard With These Lighting Tricks

With summer just around the corner here in Stuart, you are going to want to make sure your outdoor living space is ready to go. After a day of barbecuing and yard games you don’t want your guests to have to go home or relocate inside when the sun goes down. By installing some landscape lighting in your backyard or patio area you ensure the summer fun continues into the night. But where do you start? Begin with these simple and basic lighting tricks to help brighten up your backyard.

Lighting with a purpose

When lighting an outdoor living space, you want to make sure you aren’t sacrificing safety for ambiance. Just the same, you don’t want your landscape lighting to mimic the brightness of your indoor living space. Understanding the layout and purpose of your landscape lighting is an important first step to designing your ultimate outdoor entertainment area. Equally, you will want to establish which areas of your backyard you would like to brighten up, whether it be the entertainment area or the entire outdoor space.

Don’t go overboard

You don’t want to compromise the aesthetic of your landscape design by adding in too many lights. You also want to make sure you have enough lights to keep you and your guests from falling or tripping as soon as it gets dark. One tip you can use to ensure this doesn’t happen is by lighting every step of your outdoor stairs instead of placing a single light at the bottom and/or top of the stairs. You might also consider installing ground lights along the pathways in your backyard. These subtle lights give your outdoor space the illumination it needs to keep you and your loved ones safe without compromising your landscape design.

Save energy

Many homeowners fear that installing landscape lighting will cause their monthly electricity bill to skyrocket. What many homeowners don’t realize, however, is installing outdoor lighting doesn’t mean your finances need to take a hit. By using LED or solar lighting you can not only ensure your home is energy efficient but you will have an outdoor lighting system that drastically outlasts older, dated lighting schemes.

Security lighting

Not all outdoor lighting is meant to enhance the ambiance or visual appeal of your home. A main reason many homeowners install backyard lighting is to add another level of security to their home. Before you develop a lighting plan for your outdoor living space you should take a walk around your home and identify any weak or blind spots. You will also want to make sure all points of entry into your home are well lit. This means installing lights around your home’s front, back, side and garage doors, as well as any dark or ill-lit corners or areas outside your home.

Get creative

Different lighting techniques can be used to create a variety of design settings in your outdoor living space. For example, hanging string lights above your entertainment space adds enough light without making it feel like you are indoors. Additionally, installing lights that are camouflaged as tiki torches, plants, rocks or other objects can evoke a whimsical feeling from your landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting in Stuart, Florida can enhance your outdoor living space and even increase the value of your home, but only if it’s done right. Following these easy tips and tricks can make sure you end up with the backyard of your dreams. If you are interested in adding some landscape lighting to your home in Stuart, Florida, schedule an appointment with Tropiscapes today.

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